Financial statistics diagram

The introduction of new and ever-faster technologies into the finance industry means the ability to draw conclusions and set strategies based on the data is of utmost importance to professionals in this space. Proper statistical analysis, made possible through new and evolving technology tools, helps managers assess markets and engineer new products to create new competitive advantages in finance.

Through a curriculum exploring key topics in today's financial industry, such as securities and derivatives, students gain valuable insight on technology-driven opportunities in finance and learn to solve problems through advanced data analysis techniques and statistical experiments. Students who complete this certificate will be fully prepared to apply classroom lessons to real-world problems and opportunities in industry.

The following courses are required for this certificate:

  • FE 541 Applied Statistics with Applications in Finance
  • FE 542 Time Series and Applications to Finance
  • FE 590 Statistical Learning in Finance
  • FE 610 Stochastic Calculus for Financial Engineering

If desired, the above courses can be applied toward a full graduate degree from the School of Business, such as the master's in Financial Engineering.

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