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Data scientists, systems and business analysts, software engineers, quants, and visualization designers are some of the fastest-growing job categories worldwide, with employers struggling to find professionals able to combine skills in statistical learning, database skills and business analytics in ways that move the enterprise forward. The Financial Services Analytics certificate provides students with an array of statistical learning methods and database skills, preparing them to create specific tools to manage enterprise-level challenges, and includes heavy emphasis on optimization of financial data visualization techniques. The program was co-developed with Accenture, ensuring the skills taught in classes are immediately applicable to the areas of greatest need in the corporate world.

Students who complete this program will learn to apply data-driven solutions to complex financial problems, including the use of specific types of data, database management, and the coding of different analytical techniques. Graduates are sought after by employers for their abilities to create end-to-end business decision-making data analytics.

The following courses are required for the certificate:

  • FE 520 Introduction to Python for Financial Applications (1-credit lab course)
  • FE 582 Foundations of Financial Data Science
  • FE 513 Practical Aspects of Database Design
  • FE 590 Statistical Learning in Finance
  • FE 595 Financial Systems Technology (Analytical Financial Systems Design)
  • FE 550 Data Visualization Applications
  • FE 800 Special Projects in Financial Engineering

If desired, the above courses can be applied to a full graduate degree from the School of Business, such as the master's in Financial Engineering.

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