From big banks to small hedge funds, companies in the financial space continue to aggressively seek professionals who can help the enterprise understand, assess and solve the challenges facing an industry that has been transformed entirely by new and emerging technology.

The interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Financial Engineering at Stevens prepares students to become thoughtful researchers who can think about creative applications of technology and quantitative methods in building innovative solutions, designing new models, predicting risk and optimizing portfolios.

"The Hanlon Financial Systems Center enables us to use software to solve financial challenges and provides financial databases for research."


Graduates of the program go on to executive-level positions at companies such as Prudential and Goldman Sachs, where they apply engineering techniques in creating opportunities that drive the economy forward. The program's business orientation adds additional credibility for students eager to take on leadership roles in industry after graduating. 

Stevens’ location — just a 10-minute ride from Wall Street — creates endless internship and placement opportunities, as well as the ability to attend conferences and work with industry on exciting research projects. And you’ll be supported and encouraged by faculty who are respected thought leaders eager to share their knowledge with doctoral students. 

High-tech financial center offers a degree of prestige

Finance and technology programs at Stevens benefit from the Hanlon Financial Systems Center, a one-of-a-kind teaching and research facility that's home to two labs outfitted with the latest in analytical and visualization tools.


The skills needed in industry