CRAFT Leadership




Affiliated Faculty

To become a CRAFT affiliated faculty member, please send your CV (2 page limit) and a list of current or pending projects to either Steve Yang [email protected] if you are at Stevens, or to Aparna Gupta [email protected] if you are at RPI.


Brian Clark

Prof. Quantitative Finance

German Creamer

Associate Professor

Zhenyu Cui

Assistant Prof. Financial Engineering

Mahmoud Daneshmand

Prof. Analytics

Chanaka Edirisinghe

Prof. Quantitative Finance

Zachary Feinstein

Assistant Prof. Financial Engineering

Ionut Florescu

Research Prof. Financial Engineering

Gaurav Jain

Prof. Quantitative Finance

Andrei Kirilenko

Prof. Finance Engineering

Rong Liu

Prof. Business Analytics

Jeffrey Nickerson

Prof. Information System

Richard Plotka

Prof. of Practice

Majeed Simaan

Assistant Prof. Q. Finance Engineering


R Chandramouli

Prof. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Koduvayur Subbalakshmi

Prof. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jose Ramirez-Marquez

Associate Prof. Division Director of Enterprise Science and Engineering


Ye Yang

Associate Prof. Software Engineering

Yeganeh Hayeri

Assistant Prof. System Policy



Carlo Lipizzi

Carlo Lipizzi

Teaching Associate Professor & Program Lead

Mo Mansouri

Research Prof. System Governance

T. Ravichandran (Ravi)

Associated faculty member in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department

Jennifer Pazour

Associate Prof. Industrial and Systems Engineering

Jillian Crandall

Lecturer - School of Architecture


Darinka Dentcheva

Prof. Mathematical Sciences

Hui Wang

Associate Prof. Computer Science

Yuping Huang

Gallaher Associate Prof. Physics, Director of the Center for Quantum Science and Engineering

Michael Zabarankin

Associate Professor and Interim Department Chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences

Jia Xu

Assistant Prof. Computer Science

Malik Magdon-Ismail

Prof. Computer Science

Dr.Oshani Seneviratne

Director of Health Data Research

Abby Kinchy

Professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies

Social Science

Elaine Henry

Associate Prof. Accounting

Anand Goel

Associate Prof. Business Strategy

Jose Tribo

Associate Prof. Division Director of Enterprise Science and Engineering

Victor Luo

Assistant Prof. Economics

Suman Banerjee

Assistant Prof. Finance

Gregory Morgan

Associate Prof. Ethics

Yu Tao

Associate Prof. Sociology

Lindsey Cormack

Assistant Prof. Political Science

Jianjing Lin

Assistant Prof. Economics

Dr. Rui Fan

Assistant Prof. Economic

Balbinder Singh Gill

Balbinder Singh Gill

Assistant Prof. Finance and Sustainability

Foad Mahdavi Pajouh

Associate Prof. Industrial Engineering and Management

Feng Mei

Feng Mai

Assistant Prof. Information Systems