At Stevens, we recognize the benefits of mixing academic research and education with the real-world perspective of industry. The School of Business has created the Stevens Partners Program to help nurture such relationships and to create continued interact between the academic and corporate communities.

To learn how your company can benefit from the Stevens Partners Program, contact Kal Vadasz, director of corporate outreach and strategic partnerships.

What we offer

Faculty at the School of Business are highly regarded researchers in leadership, decision analytics, finance, Big Data, business processes and marketing. This expertise translates into robust educational offerings designed to have an immediate impact in the workplace. The Stevens Partners Program affords your employees access to our ready-made corporate training and education programs, along with the ability to creative customizable content based on your needs.

Corporate students enrolled through the Stevens Partners Program have access to all of the graduate degree and certificate programs available through the School of Business.

How you benefit

  • A 10 percent employee discount on all School of Business graduate degree programs and executive education and professional development courses, enabling management-track employees to further their development through state-of-the-art continuing education. Employees can select the coursework that best fits their goals and those of the organization.
  • A discount of up to 15 percent on all corporate cohort programs. Stevens has decades of experience working with industry partners to tailor innovative, high-impact experiences for corporate students in a range of industries.
  • A 20 percent discount on a Field Consulting Program project, in which Stevens students — under the close guidance of a faculty adviser — research a problem and prepare strategy-driven solutions for presentation to your executive team.
  • Invitations for employees to attend sessions of the A. Roy Heath Leadership Seminar Series and Deans’ Seminar Series, providing opportunities to learn from the experiences of managers on leadership topics in business and technology.

What we ask

  • Allow Stevens faculty to conduct open houses at your location in advance of each semester, to promote courses and programs in which you elect to partner with us.
  • Include details of available discounts in new hire and employee benefits materials, including websites with such information.
  • Maintain a recruiting schedule on the Stevens campus.

To take the next step in discovering the advantages of working with Stevens, contact Kal Vadasz, director of corporate outreach and strategic partnerships.