Students assist Stevens faculty on a technology-based research project in the university's Immersion Lab.
At Stevens, graduate students assist faculty in attempting to solve challenging problems in business and technology.

Innovation is the most pressing concern for businesses today. By partnering with the School of Business at Stevens, your organization can take advantage of the innovative research being done in data analytics, project management, collective intelligence, risk management, process optimization and more. Faculty researchers use high-tech centers and lab facilities to investigate issues of mutual interest and identify opportunities for growth. Most importantly, Stevens faculty bring real-world corporate experience to research — from starting and selling entrepreneurial ventures, to management at Fortune 500 firms — so a major research priority is the discovery of practical, actionable solutions to real business challenges. 

To learn more about how Stevens researchers can partner with your organization on a research project of mutual benefit, and receive a copy of the annual School of Business research report, contact Kal Vadasz.

Research at Stevens is broadly organized into three interdisciplinary areas that take advantage of the varied talents and interests of faculty within the School of Business.

Research Specialties

A professor emphasizes a point during a class in the Babbio Center at Stevens.

Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Focuses on identifying programs, platforms and protocols that empower organizations to leverage the changing nature of teams, organizational hierarchy, crowds and markets. The agile engagement of large crowds enables organizations to address large-scale problems and move rapidly from idea to implementation.

Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Stevens
German Creamer teaching in a high-tech finance lab.

Collaboration, Networks and Markets

Explores how creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship spur the generation of ideas, products and processes. Since businesses create value through new products and services, research areas like digital innovation are applicable to a range of industries.

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A student points out a key part of some code on a touchscreen display in the analytics lab.

Decision Analytics and Big Data

Today's natural and social ecosystems provide data that enables companies to customize products and services in financial analytics, digital marketing, risk management, decision support and other areas. Companies that leverage their online data and sensor information create countless opportunities to better predict customer behavior.

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