Technology has brought sweeping changes to the way we work. But how has it changed the way we lead?

The qualities that make a leader haven't changed, but as organizations become increasingly technical, good leaders need to reconsider how they make decisions and motivate teams, while reflecting on their own ideas about success amid digital transformation.

Questions like these are a specialty at the School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology. We combine our heritage as an engineering university with research and teaching that's rooted in real-world applications and informed by our close ties to industry. That lets us offer leadership development programs that have helped professionals in aerospace, energy, defense, healthcare and other industries understand their unique leadership styles — giving organizations the tools to build effective leadership from within.

The key benefits of Stevens' leadership development programs include:

  • Practical orientation. Our approach focuses on developing leadership capabilities in each participant through the practice and assessment of leadership concepts in a real-world context.
  • Minimal disruption. Programs take between one and three days to complete. This short time commitment is more than made up through the development of valuable skills and perspective that will help guide organizational growth and efficiency.
  • Expert guidance. Our modules are developed by Stevens faculty, who are responsible for important research insights in leadership, especially in technical organizations.

Most popular modules

Stevens faculty offer many specialized modules to help your employees rise in your company. In addition, if your organization seeks a training solution for a specific business challenge, employee population, complex project or technical scenario, Stevens faculty will collaborate with you to create a customized leadership development program that will let you choose where to grow next.

The Stevens Approach

We have helped thousands of technical professionals expand their abilities to work across functional boundaries, navigate uncertainty, leverage complexity and ensure their expertise is brought to bear on important business decisions.

Photo of two separate groups of students collaborating.

Customizable programs

Partner with us to find solutions to your most pressing leadership challenges and to increase your organization's capacity to recognize and seize opportunities. Our faculty have built custom modules that help companies address their unique personnel, cultural and business objectives.

A woman presents her findings to the rest of her team at a conference table.

On-site leadership lab

Our modules are learning laboratories where participants identify, test and develop their unique leadership capacities and skills. Highly interactive experiential exercises challenge leaders to solve problems, exchange feedback, assess performance and reflect on how to apply what they've learned.

A group of students with their faculty advisor working together around a desk.

Research at work

Partnering with Stevens means gaining access to a brain trust of our faculty experts, who bring with them decades of experience as researchers, teachers and business consultants. They are at the forefront of exploring novel techniques and concepts in leadership development, which informs the solutions we deliver in classrooms and boardrooms around the country. 

Where We've Worked

Whether your organization is located in nearby New York City or in multiple cities around the world, we bring our training to you — whenever and wherever it will have the biggest impact. Our partners represent a range of industries with unique challenges and needs.





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