Finding the right partner for employee education can make all the difference for companies as managers aim to develop the next generation of leaders capable of recognizing and capitalizing the opportunities tomorrow will bring. The School of Business’ dual emphasis on technology and business ensures corporate students get practical, relevant training that will help them solve problems and face tomorrow's management challenges.

The School of Business has decades of experience in creating customized programs that meet the needs of promising professionals in every industry, from communications and pharmaceuticals to energy and finance. Programs range from a two- or three-day seminar on a topic of your choice, to advanced technical leadership training, to full certificate and degree programs. Stevens courses and programs can be delivered at our Hoboken campus, at your worksite or through our fully immersive online platform.

Making it work for your business

Graduate degrees

Master's programs at Stevens strive to create immediate value for students through curricula that emphasize practical, hands-on instruction and opportunities to apply classroom learning to simulated problems. The complete list of graduate degree programs offered by the School of Business includes programs in Big Data and business intelligence, finance, and information systems management, alongside MBA and EMBA degrees. Many Stevens degrees can be earned fully online, without needing to visit the Hoboken campus.

Available graduate degrees

Graduate certificates

The School of Business also offers a complete suite of four-course graduate certificates that provide an in-depth introduction into some of the most in-demand areas in business, such as marketing analytics, project management and business process management. Each certificate also can be applied to a full master’s degrees at Stevens.

Available certificates

Workshops and boot camps

Stevens offers a number of professional development workshops in areas such as technical and transformative leadership and Big Data. In addition, Stevens provides comprehensive software training in its high-tech financial systems lab to demonstrate the use of Python, Hadoop, R, SAS and NoSQL, among others, and their applications in business.

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