Dr. Ann Murphy listens as a team of seniors explains an idea for a startup business at the annual Innovation Expo.
Students are encouraged to think like entrepreneurs to solve vexing business problems. Here, a team pitches a business idea to Dr. Ann Murphy, right.

The School of Business originally was the school of technology management at Stevens, a respected, but narrowly focused, school. Beginning in 2012, its leadership announced a series of strategic initiatives to create a broader-focused School of Business within a technology university that would be accredited by AACSB. The plan sets specific benchmarks in research, instruction, enrollment and other key targets needed to ensure the School of Business remains a top destination for prospective undergraduate and graduate students, research partners, and businesses. The strategic plan has already helped the school accomplish major goals, including rising enrollment and research output, AACSB accreditation, and aggressive faculty recruiting. 

The plan is built around four strategic priorities: identity, impact, quality and engagement, and growth and diversity. Each of these pillars is designed to help the school realize its vision: To be a leading business school widely recognized for superior technology-focused and student-centric educational programs and research. A copy of the strategic plan is available for download for those interested in the vision and progress of the School of Business.