Exploring your future career options has never been easier. At Stevens, undecided students have access to an array of resources to help them decide on the major that's right for them.

Incoming first-year students at the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science are not required to declare a major when applying to Stevens. The broad core component of the curriculum is structured to allow you to explore various topics in engineering or science through experiences like lectures, small group sessions, online modules and visits before declaring a major–and still graduate without delays. These experiences introduce you to engineering or science professions, disciplines, college success strategies, research opportunities and other engaging activities that may help you discover and define your most satisfying career path.

Students who are undecided may elect to enter Stevens in one of the following areas:

  • Undecided Engineering

  • Undecided Science 

As undecided students, you can select your major after starting the engineering or science programs at Stevens. Both engineering and science curricula have common course work that allow the flexibility for deferring the major choice to either the second (science programs) or third (engineering programs) semester. This flexibility is appreciated by students who may not yet know enough about the majors and careers that interest them to make their decision before starting their Stevens education.

 Undecided Engineering

  • As an Undecided Engineering student, you will have three semesters to declare your major. Undecided Engineering students must declare a major by the start of their fourth semester. You are advised to declare your major (with a change of major request) during your third semester, preferably before the class registration begins for the fourth semester.
  • All Undecided Engineering students will be assigned (based on your preference) a host department and a faculty advisor from the host department. You will have access to departmental staff services and academic advisor services from that department. Choose a host department with programs that are of interest to you. You may request to change your host department by petitioning to the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies at any time before declaring your major.
  • Undecided Engineering students have the option to attend orientations and advising events of all engineering programs offered by the School of Engineering and Science and the School of Systems and Enterprises.
  • You can also explore major and career options in their first-semester design course.