The nanotechnology graduate program at Stevens has been developed in part to respond to the need to develop the educational infrastructure necessary to support the education and training of students participating in the growing areas of nanotechnology research.

Research Focus Areas

In addition to the individual research efforts of Stevens faculty, several interdisciplinary research focus areas with nanotechnology as a critical enabler have been developed or are emerging within the broad theme of multi-scale engineering and science at Stevens. These areas include:

  • Chemical and Biological Micro-Systems
  • Multi-Scale Design, Fabrication, and Manufacturing of Complex Structures and Composites
  • Controlled Release and Regenerative Medicine
  • Cell-Cell and Cell-Material Interactions
  • Nanoparticulates for Environmental Remediation
  • Quantum Electronic Structures and Devices
  • Nano-Photonic Sensing and Imagining
  • Health and Environmental Impact of Nanomaterials.

Research Groups and Projects

A sampling of related nanotechnology research groups and projects at Stevens include:

Additional information regarding faculty research interests can be found on the faculty web pages.

Research Centers

Research centers at Stevens contributing to these efforts in the area of nanotechnology include: