Core faculty members from the founding departments are key enablers of the NGP. They are the providers and instructors of various core and elective courses in the nanotechnology curriculum, as part of their regular teaching responsibilities in their academic departments. Listed below are current core faculty members by departments, together with their nano-relevant research interests and expertise.

Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Hongjun Wang Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering nanomedicine and biomaterials design, cell signaling
Xiaojun Yu Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering regenerative medicine and cell-cell interaction


Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB)
James Liang Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology synthesis and nanofabrication of drugs and biomaterial surfaces for controlled release


Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS)
Pinar Akcora Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering ordered soft materials; self-assembly of nanoparticles; polymer nanohybrids
Ron Besser Professor of Chemical Engineering nano/micro-fabrication for microreactor technology
Henry Du Professor of Materials Engineering molecular and nano-scale surface modification and nanophotonic sensing and imaging
Dilhan Kalyon Professor of Chemical Engineering synthesis and fabrication of colloids, nanoparticles, and nanocomposites
Stephanie Lee Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering hybrid metal-organic solar cells and transistors, crystal engineering of functional materials
Woo Lee Professor of Materials Engineering multi-scale synthesis and fabrication of novel structures, chemical/biological microsystems
Matt Libera Professor of Materials Engineering cell-material interactions and electron beam-assisted fabrication of biologically active nano-/micro-arrays
Simon Podkolzin Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering catalysis on nanoparticles of metals and metal oxides; chemical reaction kinetics at the nanoscale


Department of Civil, Environmental, and Ocean Engineering (CEOE)
Xiaoguang Meng Professor of Environmental Engineering science and technology of nanoparticulates for environmental remediation
Valentina Prigiobbe Assistant Professor sustainable energy production, magnetic nanoparticles for brine treatment, nanoparticle-stabilized foams in porous media


Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Robert Chang Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering biofabrication across multiple length scales, computer-aided tissue engineering, mechanobiology and mechanosensing
Chang-Hwan Choi Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering large-area surface nanopatterning, superhydrophobic nanostructured materials, multiscale fluid physics and heat transfer, microfluidic self-assembly, nanofluidic energy harvesting, optofluidic sensors
Frank Fisher Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering nanocomposites and nanomechanics, bioinspired nanomaterials, nanosensors
Manu S. Mannoor Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering nanobionics, bionic nanosensors, bioinspired nanomaterials, nanomedicine
Yong Shi Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering MEMS/NEMS design and fabrication, nanofibers and nanocomposites, smart structures
EH Yang Professor of Mechanical Engineering nano/microtechnologies for energy conversion, nanomanufacturing, nano/micro sensors, microactuators


Department of Physics and Engineering Physics (PEP)
Yu-Ping Huang Assistant Professor of Physics quantum optics, AMO, optical control, classical and quantum information processing
Rainer Martini Associate Professor of Physics semiconductor and semiconductor heterostructures for ultrafast switching, photonic sensing, control of quantum systems
Svetlana Malinovskaya Associate Professor of Physics AMO physics, ultrafast dynamics, control of quantum systems
Stefan Strauf Associate Professor of Physics nanophotonics, semiconductor quantum optics, plasmonics, 2D materials, carbon nanotubes, cavity-QED, nanolaser, solar cells  
Ting Yu Associate Professor of Physics entanglement and decoherence of quantum nanodevices, continuous quantum measurement, quantum feedback control


School of Business
Thomas Lechler Associate Professor of Technology Management project management, innovation management, entrepreneurship, global innovation management
Gary Lynn Associate Professor of Technology Management emerging technology, marketing, entrepreneurship and new product development