Immerse yourself in applied physics research and quantum information sciences in the physics bachelor’s program at Stevens.

Not only do the laws of physics govern the universe, they drive many rapidly-advancing fields that shape modern daily life, such as information technology, medical technology, microelectronics, and telecommunications.

The physics bachelor’s program at Stevens prepares you for a career in industry or research in one of these areas. Our program lays a solid foundation of both theory and practice through rigorous classroom instruction and hands-on research experience in one of several state-of-the-art research laboratories. You’ll be immersed in optics and quantum information research early on in your studies, and participate in a six-semester design sequence called SKIL (Science Knowledge Integration Ladder), where you will work on projects that foster independent learning, innovative problem solving, collaboration, teamwork, and knowledge integration under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

The Bachelor of Science program in physics is accredited by the by the Middle States Accreditation Board.

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