Optical Engineering Concentration at Stevens

Optical devices and systems are ubiquitous in our modern world. Every day we utilize optics from the optical fibers that carry all of the information of the internet to the displays, cameras, and optical sensors in modern smartphones. This diversity of optics means that optical engineers are in demand across a range of industries.

The optical engineering concentration at Stevens uniquely combines engineering with a specialization in optics. This provides a broad foundation of core engineering skills in general topics ranging from circuits to thermodynamics, coupled with in-depth training in the design of optical instrumentation, laser design, metrology, optical communications technology, and modern photonic devices.

Upon graduation, students are prepared not only for careers in optics and photonics, but with the breadth and perspective to understand engineering and technological problems applicable to a variety of disciplines. The knowledge and skills gained in the optical engineering concentration enables students to pursue careers in the many fields that are heavily reliant on optical technology including aerospace, telecommunications, manufacturing, renewable energy, medicine, and defense, as well as research, entrepreneurship, and public service.

Located just across the Hudson River from New York City, Stevens’ location is adjacent to a large concentration of optics companies in New Jersey including Thorlabs, one of the largest manufacturers of optical hardware in the world. This affords Stevens’ optical engineering graduates plentiful opportunities for employment and industry collaborations.

The Department of Physics at Stevens has a strong reputation in optics, including two fellows of the Optical Society of America, an editor of Optics Letters, and several million dollars of ongoing optics research. The student centric focus of Stevens combined with the personal instruction and interaction common in the department ensures that students receive the attention and support needed to achieve their goals.

The bachelor of engineering in engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET. Enrollment and Graduation Data

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