A new paradigm of quantum technology is on the horizon. Future-proof your career with a master’s degree in quantum engineering.

Computers revolutionized every aspect of our society and industry. Their next evolution will harness the laws of quantum physics to vastly surpass the power of classical computers and outperform current engineering approaches.

The quantum engineering master’s program at Stevens Institute of Technology prepares students for a successful career in industries utilizing quantum information science and quantum technology or a continuation to a Ph.D. in physics or quantum technology.

The program’s cutting edge curriculum reflects the latest quantum science and technology, and is designed to be flexible to satisfy the needs of both full and part-time students. Students will gain deep insight into the underlying quantum resources of current quantum science and quantum technology. The program will develop both specialized and general expertise through advanced areas of study and initiatives.

In the classroom, students will learn about the latest progress in quantum science and engineering from pioneering researchers. A unique, hands-on laboratory course in experimental quantum information allows students to gain working experience with integrated quantum chips for nonlinear and quantum optics. Students will also have many opportunities to engage in research in areas such as quantum communications, quantum entanglement, quantum nonlinear optics, quantum materials, or quantum open systems.

The Stevens Advantage

In 1871, Stevens was the first university to offer a physics lab, and continues to break new ground in areas related to quantum engineering and communications. Quantum technology is revolutionizing society and driving civilization to a new level in the same way that digital electronics has done in the last half century. The exciting research happening at Stevens by globally recognized faculty members will contribute to that evolution, allowing students the opportunity to learn from the best at a pivotal time during a new technological revolution.

Stevens’ New York City-adjacent location offers a large tech startup community around quantum technology, providing students with access to internships during the program and jobs after graduation.

Physics Research at Stevens

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Physics Research at Stevens

The Department of Physics conducts formative research in cutting-edge areas such as quantum systems, nanophotonics and optics. Faculty and both undergraduate and graduate students investigate together to significantly impact society by improving communications, computers, and the environment.

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