Physics Master's Degree Curriculum Overview

The physics master’s degree prepares students for a Ph.D. in physics as well as careers in industry. The flexible curriculum is designed to meet the needs of both full- and part-time students.

By the end of this program, students will be able to:

  • Solve scientifically rooted problems
  • Advance their mathematical skills
  • Improve critical thinking and logical reasoning

Below are some of the typical courses available in this program.

Core Courses Include:

  • Mechanics
  • Electricity and Magnetism I 
  • Quantum Mechanics I
  • Statistical Physics and Kinetic Theory

Electives Include:

  • Your choice of three relevant PEP graduate level courses
  • Your choice of three relevant graduate level courses*
  • Optional: Master's Thesis up to six credits
  • Optional: CPT course

*The remaining courses shall be chosen in consultation with an academic advisor, which can include graduate courses offered by other departments or schools, can be used to conduct research to graduate with a Master of Science Thesis (PEP 900) or obtain credits for an internship (PEP 708). Courses with material already covered in undergraduate preparation must be replaced in consultation with an academic advisor.

If you have existing graduate credits or experience in this area of study, contact [email protected] to discuss opportunities to include it in the curriculum.