Explore space, time, matter and the many other intriguing elements of the physical world.

The physics master’s program prepares physics and applied physics students for an academic career path and the pursuit of a Ph.D. in physics, as well as a research-based career in industry.

Physics students will build upon core concepts introduced within a physics undergraduate degree program, studying the fundamental branches of physics while simultaneously developing advanced mathematical and problem-solving skills. The program aims to establish general expertise in physics while also promoting critical thinking skills for multidisciplinary applications.

While many physics graduates go on to obtain a Ph.D., many others also work within research roles in sectors and industries as varied as their interests–defense, aerospace, government, education, healthcare, energy, materials, technology, computing and IT.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens’ convenient location next to New York City means physics students and graduates have a large tech startup community constantly looking for top talent at their fingertips, as well as potential career paths in quantitative finance on Wall Street.

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Stevens is a Premier Research Institution

Physics research lab

Physics Research at Stevens

The Department of Physics conducts formative research in cutting-edge areas such as quantum systems, nanophotonics and optics. Faculty and both undergraduate and graduate students investigate together to significantly impact society by improving communications, computers, and the environment.

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