Physics Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Curriculum

Students will be granted official candidacy in the program upon successful completion of a qualifying exam. For all interdisciplinary programs involving the Physics department as either home or secondary department the student is required to pass the first part of the regular Ph.D. qualifying exam of the Physics Department (general physics, based on core courses PEP 538, 542, 553, 555) as well as the corresponding qualifying exam of the other participating department.

All policies of the Office of Graduate Academics that govern the credit and thesis requirements apply to students enrolled in this interdisciplinary program. Identical to the Physics Ph.D. program the interdisciplinary Ph.D. program requires 84 credits. For students with the Physics Department as the home department, the following additional guidelines apply

Required Core Courses

  • PEP 538 Introduction to Mechanics
  • PEP 555 Statistical Physics and Kinetic Theory
  • PEP 643 Electricity and Magnetism I
  • PEP 644 Electricity and Magnetism II
  • Two 600-level courses (in the PEP or secondary department)
  • One 700-level course (in the PEP or secondary department)