Supporting the overall Stevens strategic goal of excellence, the purpose of Stevens' mechanical engineering student advising is to provide a holistic student resource center committed to promoting the success and encouraging the retention of all students in the mechanical engineering undergraduate program. 

Recognizing that student advising needs evolve through the course of study, the center focuses on facilitating a positive experience at each stage of the undergraduate program.

Students studying at the ME Student Support Center Key Goals for Each Academic Year

Freshmen (1st Semester and Transfers)

Goal: To promote each student getting off to a good start at Stevens

First semester activities and support introduce students to the Stevens ME community, their academic advisors, and the academic and social support structure available to ensure their success and well-being.

Freshmen (2nd Semester)

Goal: To ensure that each student completes the first year with a strong academic foundation and feeling of belonging to the ME community, hence maximizing retention into the sophomore year

Second semester activities and support focus on academic excellence and ensuring an understanding of the Stevens ME academic model.


Goal: To keep up the momentum academically, continue ME community development, and begin professional development

Second year activities bridge theory with practice and encourage students' professional development through initial exposure to upcoming professional choices, e.g. co-op and internship assignments, research experience, international opportunities, electives and specialization options, and professional society memberships. Support for academic excellence also continues.


Goal: To look ahead to senior year choices and plan for post-graduation opportunities

In the junior year, the student-advisor relationship shifts from group encounters to individual focus on strategizing post-graduation options (e.g. graduate school vs. industry), selecting a final co-op assignment, and picking a senior design project. Support for academic excellence also continues.

Juniors also have an opportunity to give back to the ME Student Support Center by becoming freshman mentors.


Goal: To successfully finish the undergraduate degree, transition to post-graduation career, and lay the foundation for a lifelong relationship with Stevens

The culmination of the Stevens ME education is the successful preparation of students for the next step in their careers: graduate school or industry employment. Seniors complete a "Lessons Learned" exercise for personal reflection and continuous improvement of the ME Student Support Center and can continue to mentor sophomores.

Contact ME Student Advising

Ann Petrigliano
Carnegie 212
[email protected]