Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education: Nanotechnology Exposure for Undergraduate Students (NUE-NEXUS)

The NSF funded Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (NUE) in Engineering program entitled, "NUE: Nanotechnology EXposure for Undergraduate Students (NUE-NEXUS)", seeks to create a nexus between nanotechnology and undergraduate engineering education at Stevens to expand understanding of nanotechnology and its applications to a broad undergraduate engineering student population. 

In this program, undergraduate nanotechnology courses (i.e., NANO 200: Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Engineering and NANO 325: Introduction to Nanofabrication and Characterization) provide a means to educate a broad student population in nanotechnology. The courses are dual-purpose, educating the broader engineering student population in nanoscience and nanotechnology while serving as the foundation for those undergraduate students choosing to pursue the undergraduate nanotechnology research track. 

Integrated within the program are dissemination of nanotechnology educational materials to benefit the engineering education community interested in incorporating nanotechnology into engineering curricula and in bringing appropriate, engaging nanotechnology materials and modular elements to K-12 and community college domains. 

Nanotechnology Graduate Program

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  • NANO 600
  • NANO 525