nanotubes and graphene, multilayer 2D heterostructures and 2D layers of nano substrate
The EH Yang group's research is aimed at translating discoveries in material growth and nanofabrication into practical applications. The goal is to develop new design and fabrication strategies using 1D and 2D materials and combine fundamental studies with forward-looking engineering efforts that would lead to advanced technologies, with implications in fields ranging from electronics and photonics to energy, environment and medicine. Currently, our research covers the growth and nanofabrication of 1D/2D materials and devices, as well as the implementation of flexible substrates and tunable surface interaction.

students in clean suits looking into microscopes in the lab

Grant & Research News

Electron Interference can Enhance Quantum Sensing Applications (2022)
Launching IEEE Nanotechnology Council Chapter (2022)
School of Engineering and Science Researchers Secure $7 Million from U.S. Army for Quantum Research and Development (2021)
IEEE Sensors Council Technical Achievement Award (2020)
Atomically Thin Magnets for Next Generation Spin and Quantum Electronics (2020)
Stevens Researcher named ASME Fellow for Micro- and Nanotechnology Research and Education (2019)
Stevens Professor Mentors Students and Faculty on Nanoscale Future Technology (2019)
Stevens Engineering Professors Named Fellows of National Academy of Inventors (2018)
Stevens’ 2018-2019 Faculty Awards Recognize Excellence in Research and Teaching (2018)
Small Scales, Big Impact: Nanotech Researcher E.H. Yang Pursues Nanomaterials for Solar & Medical Innovations (2016)
Stevens Innovation Can Charge Mobile Devices (2015)
Dr. EH Yang's Research Team Awarded with NSF Grant on Pioneering Microfluidics Innovation (2014)
Driving Collaborative Innovation in MEMS (2013)
AFOSR Grant to Support Graphene Microribbon Research (2012)
NSF NUE to Support Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education (2011)
NSF Grant Supports Graphene Nanoelectronics Research (2011)
AFOSR DURIP to Support SPM-based Nanoscale Imaging (2011)
NSF MRI to Support Nanoimprint Lithography (2010)