The Center for Neuromechanics is an interdisciplinary, collaborative group of researchers and educators that investigate the function, structure and health of the human brain and utilize mechanical engineering applications such as imaging, instrumentation, computation and rehabilitation to improve the quality of life for people with neurological disorders.

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The Center for Neuromechanics at Stevens Institute of Technology is the first of its kind in the nation with a primary focus on the mechanical behavior of the neural system.

Mechanics is an emerging and highly interdisciplinary field which is being increasingly recognized as a fundamental contributor in understanding the function, structure and health of the human brain. One of the critical roadblocks to this is finding a common language between different disciplines, which has resulted in a substantial lack of engineering solutions being translated into the clinical domain.

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers consists of radiologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, engineers and applied mathematicians who are leading research and educational initiatives that serve as a bridge between mechanical and clinical brain health sciences with the goal of connecting more clinicians with mechanical solution for neurological disorders and treatments.


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Mehmet Kurt Assistant Professor