Build a strong foundation for a career in a fast-growing and fast-evolving engineering sector.

The robotics master’s program at Stevens, offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, gives students an edge in a competitive and multidisciplinary profession where a mastery of modeling, design, research, and implementation skills is just as important as the next big idea.

This distinctive master’s degree program exposes students to both the mathematical foundations of robotics, and relevant hands-on laboratory projects in robotics and mechatronics. The robotics master's degree program integrates the study of fundamentals in robot modeling, analysis, design, and control with modern and advanced applications of robotics technology to meet today’s specialized needs within the industry. The curriculum is designed to ensure that graduating students are well-prepared for a future that will increasingly demand multidisciplinary training for engineers, especially for careers involving robotics, automation, and autonomous and intelligent systems.

Robotics graduates will be prepared to solve complex engineering problems, position emerging technologies, lead the development of high-quality products, manage projects and maintain exacting standards in a fast-evolving economy.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens is located just across the river from New York City where there is an increasing demand for robotics engineering professionals with a background in mechanical engineering. As the first department established at Stevens, mechanical engineering remains one of its strengths and a continuing source of innovation, playing a leading role in the institute’s research and educational activities in robotics. As an inherently multidisciplinary subject, the robotics master’s degree also enriches its Mechanical Engineering core with a wide selection of relevant elective course offerings from Stevens’ Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments.

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Stevens is a Premier Research Institution

Stevens' nationally renowned research centers discover new possibilities for innovative technology and use engineering solutions to tackle exciting, real-world challenges every day. To learn more about the research focus areas of our faculty members, as well as recent grants, contracts, awards and publications, please visit the Department of Mechanical Engineering homepage.
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