The master's degree in product architecture and engineering (PAE) at Stevens blends architecture, engineering and industrial design to find elegant, effective solutions for building and construction challenges. Centered around Carnegie Laboratory, which has for over a century embodied the state-of-the-art in manufacturing, PAE embraces the latest tools, processes, and aesthetics in the pursuit of holistic design innovations. Students utilize completely the capacities of a high-caliber engineering and science university to develop customized materials encompassing exquisite form and unparalleled functionality.

The central goals and objectives of this program are:

  • The interdisciplinary study of industrial design, engineering and architecture with nascent production methodologies and emerging materials
  • The exploration of expressive form and integrated functional capabilities
  • The immersion into advanced digital media and its impact on design
  • The performance of interactive physical and digital environments

Engineering Innovations in Education

A dramatically multi-disciplinary faculty, student body, and curriculum gives the program a bold reputation among the region's top architecture and engineering firms. The current student body - a mix of architects, engineers, product designers, mathematicians, and computer scientists - are grouped in interdisciplinary teams that study product design, buildings, and their component parts, with an emphasis on understanding design and production technologies, so that they may seek innovative ways to build sophisticated forms. Graduate students collaborate with faculty and industry professionals for clients in the New York City area and beyond. The immersive curriculum and applied research opportunities prepares students for commercial employment in a fast-paced industry after graduation.

Advanced Digital Media Lab

The Product-Architecture Laboratory has captured the national attention of innovators in the design industry. Gehry Technologies of Los Angeles, Tri-Pyramid Structures, an integrated design and manufacturing company in Westford, MA, as well as BitForms, a world-renowned NYC art gallery involved in the convergences of art and technology, are among the program's research collaborators.