The mechanical engineering master's degree program is intended to extend and broaden students' undergraduate education. Mechanical engineers with advanced degrees can be found at the forefront of technological advances, researching, designing, creating, and testing nearly everything. Graduates can apply their new knowledge in the automotive, biomedical, nuclear energy, robotics, power generation, aerospace, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industries.

The master's in mechanical engineering teaches students strategies, methods and techniques to:

  • Enable consistent production of high quality products through a science-based understanding of engineering materials and manufacturing processes
  • Introduce approaches for increasing product quality, reduce product costs and shorten time to market
  • Establish dependable project control and monitoring systems
  • Maintain compliance with good business practices
  • Prepare for more managerial responsibilities and higher executive positions in industry
  • Prepare for the doctoral program and a career in research