Mechanical engineers design the physical systems in today's world. At Stevens, the doctoral degree program in mechanical engineering focuses on the discovery of new innovations in technology. Students enrolled in the program work with faculty who are pioneers in the field. Together they conduct cutting-edge research, such as developing the latest innovations in robotics, nanomaterials and sustainable energy systems. 

The program offers a balanced curriculum and is intended primarily for students who desire a career in research, advance development or teaching.

To receive a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering, a minimum of 84 credits of graduate work in an approved program of study are required beyond the bachelor's degree; this may include up to 30 credits obtained in a master's degree program. A doctoral dissertation based on the results of original research, carried out under the guidance of a faculty member and defended in a public examination, is a major component of the doctoral program.

Program Details

Students accepted in the program have to select an Advisor to assist in defining a study plan, selecting a dissertation topic and forming a Doctoral Committee. Courses are selected to develop skills in a particular area of interest. While this course work is necessary to develop the knowledge and skills of the profession, the most important aspect of the course selection is the original research topic. The subject of the doctoral dissertation is open to a wide range of particular choices within the broad range of mechanical engineering disciplines.

After enrolled into the doctoral program for at least one year, students will be required to successfully complete a Qualifying Examination. This two-part examination, which is intended to test comprehension of introductory level graduate material and assess research aptitude, is usually administered during the fall semester. Subsequently, students will be required to defend a Dissertation Proposal within two years from enrollment into the doctoral program. The doctoral dissertation must be based upon original investigation, approved by the graduate committee of the department and must represent a contribution to the state of the art worthy of publication in the peer-reviewed literature.

Before receiving the doctoral degree, students must also satisfy the requirements for residence and publication of the dissertation.

Admission Requirements

Decisions on admission to the Doctoral (Ph.D.) program in Mechanical Engineering will be made by the Graduate Committee of the department and will be based on an assessment of academic background, competence and aptitude for advanced study and research. Normally, an appropriate Master of Engineering degree or its equivalent is required, but exceptionally well qualified applicants will be considered for admission to the doctoral program even without a completed Master's degree. Note that applicants who would like to be considered for assistantships or fellowships must apply by February 1 for consideration for the fall semester. International applicants whose native language is not English and who have not obtained prior degrees from a U.S. institution are required to provide TOEFL scores. View the application requirements checklist.

For more information on admissions, visit the Office of Graduate Admissions.