The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Stevens is the oldest department at the university, with globally-recognized experts in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, biomechanics, neuromechanics, and nanotechnology.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is not only the cornerstone of Stevens Institute of Technology, but the first in the United States to offer a bachelor’s degree in the field. While we remain dedicated to traditional broad-based mechanical engineering education, we offer cutting-edge areas of focus, such as robotics and autonomous systems, bioengineering, additive manufacturing, sustainable energy, and micro-nano technology. We take pride in being the first in the nation to create the Center for Neuromechanics. We offer a diversified platform of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Message from the Chair

Souran Manoocherhi

Souran Manoochehri, Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Welcome! From its role as the birthplace of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to our proud history of innovative curricular enhancements and current cutting-edge research programs, our department has long been a pioneer in the field of mechanical engineering.

Over the last decade, the mechanical engineering department has been at the forefront of innovation and continuous growth. Recently, the department is expanding in many different directions, including research, undergraduate and graduate student enrollment, and number of faculty. By increasing our tenure-track faculty to over 30 percent in the past three years, the Department of Mechanical Engineering boasts 25 nationally-recognized and “rising star” tenured and tenure-track faculty. Many of our faculty members are among the prestigious list of NSF Career and ONR Young Investigator Award recipients, with over
$10 million dollars in active research funding.

We support interdisciplinary research and development with focus in robotics and autonomous systems, micro/nano technology, product design and manufacturing, composite materials, biomechanical engineering, additive manufacturing, wearable rehabilitation devices, hypersonic flows, computational fluid mechanics, and energy and sustainability.

Stevens’ mechanical engineering department strives to educate the complete engineer. In addition to our emphasis on scientific and engineering proficiency, we instill in our students the values of professionalism, leadership, entrepreneurship, and ethics. Our students also receive extensive training in communication, learning how to effectively present technical information orally, visually, and in written form.

Culminating with industry-level capstone senior design projects, our annual Innovation Expo provides real-life experience for our seniors. They conduct and participate in major industry-level design projects from creative concept realization to working prototype development. They focus on problem-solving; multidisciplinary thinking and teamwork; and preparing elevator pitches to compete in a high-stakes contest to persuade prospective investors to help them turn their senior design projects into effective businesses.

Our graduate-level programs enable students to focus intensely on their specialties, conduct advanced research projects, solve complex problems, and write theses using the resources of broad course offerings and faculty strengths, resulting in a field of burgeoning career possibilities.

Students support faculty research in emerging technologies, their fabrications methods, and infrastructures that support manufacturing and product development. They have access to and utilize innovative labs such as the Center for Neuromechanics (CFN), a first of its kind in the nation with a primary focus on the mechanical behavior of the neural system, the Design & Manufacturing Institute (DMI), a research and development center focused on realizing cost-effective and high-performance products and systems with cross-disciplinary research spanning knowledge-based design, advanced materials and manufacturing process sciences, and intelligent systems integration technologies, the Micro-Device Laboratory (MDL), a multiuser facility whose mission is to provide cutting edge nanofabrication and characterization facilities.

A Stevens degree in mechanical engineering has long empowered our graduates to be well-positioned for addressing the challenging social, global, economical, and ethical implications in mechanical engineering and to become first-rate engineers of the 21st century. We invite you to join us in making history!

Dr. Souran Manoochehri
Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

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