Learn the foundational mathematical concepts needed to help advance science and technology, business and economics, health and medicine, and other aspects of our modern society.

Mathematicians are at the forefront of combating some of the biggest challenges of our time — the climate crisis, natural resource management, and even the modeling behind predicting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pure and applied mathematics bachelor’s program prepares you in a diverse array of mathematical areas including proofs and abstract analysis, applied and computational mathematics, and statistics. You'll gain a broad background appropriate for the pursuit of a job in industry, while also attaining the depth and rigor required for graduate studies in mathematics or related fields.

In this program, you’ll develop the skills and understanding needed to utilize complex algorithms to predict and analyze uncertain events such as weather, develop cryptographic methods for secure communication, extract insights by exploring patterns and intelligible information from large datasets, study the dynamics of pharmaceuticals in the body, and even forecast public opinions.

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Our undergraduate program provides real world education where students receive hands-on learning from working on engineering and technology problems, innovating, solving practical problems, applying for patents and striving for becoming entrepreneurs.