A minor in mathematics can be a valuable qualification for students concentrating in other areas. A student wishing to pursue a minor in mathematics must complete a Minor Program Study Plan (available from the Registrar’s website) and have it signed by the department’s minor program advisor. The approved study plan then goes directly to the Office of the Registrar.

Required Courses for a Pure and Applied Mathematics Minor: 

Six courses as described below are required with a minimum two-course overload.

Take two of the following three courses: 

  • MA 221 Differential Equations
  • MA 227 Multivariable Calculus or E 230 (Multivariable Calculus and Optimization)
  • MA 222 Probability and Statistics or E 243 (Probability and Statistics)


  • MA 232 Linear Algebra

Plus three electives; at least two must be at 300-level or above.

  • 200 level: MA 230, 234, 236, 240
  • 300 level: MA 331, 335, 336, 346, 360, 361
  • 400 level: MA 410, 441, 450/575, 463, 464
  • 500 level: MA 503, 525, 544, 550, 560, 565, 567

Course substitutions and courses outside the listed MA offerings are possible with the approval of the minor advisor.

Completion of Calculus II (MA 124) is a prerequisite for undertaking the minor program.

For more information regarding the School of Engineering and Science requirements for minor programs, please see the guidelines for science minor programs.

**All three courses (MA 221, MA 227/MA 230, MA 222/E 243) can appear on the minor study plan only in cases where the major program does not include all three as required courses. These exceptions include: computer science, cybersecurity, chemical biology, biology, computer engineering, electrical engineering, quantitative finance, and the business programs.