Develop and conduct original, cutting-edge mathematical research that applies directly to real-world challenges with a Ph.D. in pure and applied mathematics from Stevens.

Here, you’ll enhance your expertise in pure mathematics foundations and complex mathematical models, but you’ll also learn how to effectively communicate that expertise through presentations and seminars. Alongside a faculty mentor you choose from among our world-class experts, you’ll produce a dissertation that develops a significant result in mathematics, as well as its application. You’ll graduate from the program well prepared for professorial and postdoctoral positions but also leadership roles in various industries, such as government and military research, scientific and management consulting, pharmaceuticals, insurance and financial services.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens’ Hoboken, N.J., campus is located close to numerous industry hubs—such as the pharmaceutical corridor in New Jersey and epicenter of American finance in Manhattan—as well as a thriving start-up ecosystem. Employers in these sectors are always on the lookout for talented graduates with expertise in pure and applied mathematics.

What Students Are Saying