Gain deep expertise in complex mathematical models while honing the foundational skills and qualities that underpin excellent research in the pure and applied mathematics Ph.D. program.

The ability to conduct scientific research requires not only intimate knowledge of the chosen area of specialization, but also qualities such as scientific curiosity, initiative, critical thinking, independence, and tenacity. The pure and applied mathematics Ph.D. program provides opportunity to gain deep expertise, conduct research and write a thesis in the areas of stochastic modeling, optimization, risk analysis, graph theory, group theory, cryptography, model theory, probability, and mathematical finance under the guidance of world-class experts. 

In this program, you will learn to effectively communicate mathematical expertise through project presentations and seminars. The program culminates with a dissertation in which you'll work alongside a faculty mentor to produce an original and significant result in mathematics and its application.

The enhanced value of a Stevens education gives our graduates the upper hand when entering the job market after graduation, making them well prepared for professorship and postdoctoral positions in academia as well as positions in government and military research labs, scientific and management consulting firms, and technology industries such as pharmaceuticals, insurance, and financial services that employ multidisciplinary teams to solve problems involving complex mathematical models.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens’ location puts you at the heart of the immense pharmaceutical industry with a notable presence in New Jersey, and the financial services industry and large tech start-up community in New York City with a high demand for top talent with expertise in applied statistical methods and analysis.

What Students Are Saying