Practical mathematics can be found in nearly every corner of the known universe. Mathematics is integral to the fields of natural science and engineering, and often leads to new discoveries in business and technology. The study of mathematics is fascinating, and even when done purely for the sake of math itself, can lead to any number of possibilities in industry or academia.  

About the Program

At Stevens, the Master of Science in Mathematics program approaches inquiry and research with a focus on pure mathematics. Pure mathematics investigates fundamental topics in math theory, analysis and calculation with no direct application to other disciplines. Although this program is rigorous and contained, Stevens still offers collaborative, cross-disciplinary opportunities through research and electives. Subjects examined throughout this program include complex algebra, probability, combinatorial analysis, topology and stochastic processes.

Graduates of the master's programs often continue into the doctoral program, or pursue a future in academic research.

Access to World-Class Faculty

Dr. Darinka Dentcheva

Dr. Darinka Dentcheva

Program Director Dr. Darinka Dentcheva conducts research associated with stochastic optimization models with stochastic dominance constraints and risk functions. Along with Andrzej Ruszczyski, Rutgers University, she has introduced a new type of optimization models constraining risk, which involve stochastic orders and risk functions. Her work is widely revered within the industry, and she is a frequent reviewer and panelist for the NSF and Department of Energy.

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