Solidify your mathematical foundations and learn to apply advanced math with problem-solving in the mathematics master’s program.

Practical mathematics can be found in nearly every corner of the known universe and in many industries. Integral to the fields of natural science and engineering, mathematics often leads to new discoveries in business and technology.

At Stevens, the mathematics master’s program approaches inquiry and research with a focus on pure mathematics. Pure mathematics investigates fundamental topics in math theory, analysis and calculation, and this program offers collaborative, cross-disciplinary opportunities through research and electives. Subjects examined throughout this program include complex algebra, probability, combinatorial analysis, topology and stochastic processes. Students will learn to effectively use and understand advanced mathematical techniques, such as those emerging in data science.

The Stevens Advantage

The mathematics master's program allows you the opportunity to continue into the doctoral program, or pursue academic research at one of the numerous institutions in the New York area.

Math Research at Stevens

Math research

Stevens is a Premier Research Institution

The Department of Mathematical Sciences focuses its research around stochastic systems and optimization as well as algebraic cryptography, and new methods in these areas have extensive implications across a wide range of disciplines.

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