A doctorate is the pinnacle of scholarship in mathematics, and signifies that the recipient has a profound understanding of the subject and is able to make original contributions to the field. Ph.D. candidates are often involved in teaching and interdepartmental communication, in addition to their coursework and independent research. Graduates interested in teaching at the university level will find a plethora of opportunities with an advanced degree in mathematics.

About the Program

At Stevens, doctoral students in mathematics choose their thesis topic from a range of areas at the forefront of research, including stochastic modeling, graph theory, group theory, probability, the mathematics of finance, and mathematical aspects of cryptography. Ph.D. candidates work with a faculty mentor to produce a dissertation containing an original and significant result in mathematics and its application. Candidates work alongside world-class faculty and researchers in and outside of the classroom, with unlimited access to all of the resources and experiences that the New York metropolitan area has to offer.

Preparation for dissertation work includes courses in fundamental mathematics, and practice in communicating mathematics orally and in writing. In addition to rigorous coursework, doctoral candidates are expected to explore and learn on their own outside of class. Candidates attend and organize seminars to expand their studies, often pursuing a leadership role in the Stevens Society of Mathematicians. Formal seminars developed with a faculty advisor may be taken for academic credit.

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