Learn the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to analyze big data for functional application in business and technology with a Data Science Master's degree.

Demand for data scientists who can glean insights from the wealth of information made available through modern technologies to aid in informed decision-making is on the rise. The data science master’s program at Stevens instills the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for dealing with the contemporary collection, exploration, analysis, and modeling of data along with the related challenges pertaining to inference and prediction.

This interdisciplinary program prepares students for careers in fintech, business intelligence and analytics, academia, and database management, as well as government positions requiring strong skills in data analysis. Students in the Data Science Master's program will analyze complex data, including large-scale databases, and apply state-of-the-art modeling and visualization techniques. They will participate in simulations of cyberattacks and create effective defense strategies, as well as study, in-depth, the algorithms and optimization schemes underlying the latest business analytics methods.

The Stevens Advantage

Poised on the Hudson River, just 15 minutes away from downtown Manhattan, Stevens is located near the heart of one of the world’s biggest technology hubs. Proximity to New York City offers Stevens students recruitment opportunities with some of the biggest names in business and technology, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Bloomberg.

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Data Science Research

Data Science research

Stevens is a Premier Research Institution

The Department of Mathematical Sciences focuses its research around stochastic systems and optimization as well as algebraic cryptography. New methods in these areas have extensive implications for predictive modeling across a wide range of disciplines.

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