Learn to apply math to deconstruct and solve problems in engineering, science, business and society in the applied mathematics master’s program.

An intimate understanding of other disciplines is intrinsic to success in applied mathematics. The applied mathematics program is designed to accommodate individuals with varying academic backgrounds and career objectives. Graduate students choose a specialty and are encouraged to explore courses in other departments including Stevens' renowned offerings in engineering and science, providing a strong foundation in mathematics for students pursuing careers in these fields as well as business.

Stevens university-wide emphasis on innovative research relevant to the real world supplies graduate students with the support to pursue coursework far beyond foundational math. This exposure not only enhances the value of the Stevens education, but gives you the upper hand when entering the job market after graduation.

Graduate students in Applied Mathematics are encouraged to take advantage of Stevens renowned engineering and science course offerings to explore the application of their specialty to other domains. Four classes towards the Master's of Science are free electives, selected in cooperation with the adviser, guaranteeing that the student is able to explore his or her specific interest in mathematical applications.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens’ is located in the New York metropolitan area near large corporate headquarters, a growing tech startup community, a massive pharmaceutical industry, and the heart of the financial services industry -- all in need of highly skilled talent.

Math Research at Stevens

Math research

Stevens is a Premier Research Institution

The Department of Mathematics focuses its research around stochastic systems and optimization as well as algebraic cryptography, and new methods in these areas have extensive implications across a wide range of disciplines.

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