Gain the skills that will bring you success in a rapidly expanding profession with an actuarial science master’s degree.

This program is designed to provide a solid academic foundation in the fundamental concepts of actuarial science with an emphasis on mathematical methods and ensuing models to evaluate, manage and control actuarial risk.

The actuarial mathematics and quantitative risk master’s program introduces insurance strategies and their financial instruments through six core courses and four elective courses that will give students a strong background in probability and statistics and excellent professional skills, create a path toward professional certifications, and provide training on popular insurance industry and data science software such as R, SAS and MatLab.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens location gives students easy access to a number of insurance companies headquartered in nearby New York City and New Jersey are constantly recruiting top talent. Large businesses such as banks and hospitals seek qualified applicants to evaluate risks in financial transaction and healthcare.

Math Research at Stevens

Math research

Stevens is a Premier Research Institution

The Department of Mathematical Sciences focuses its research around stochastic systems and optimization as well as algebraic cryptography, and new methods in these areas have extensive implications across a wide range of disciplines.

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