Design models, algorithms and architectures to protect information security and develop the leadership skills to take your career to the next level.

The computer engineering Ph.D. program prepares graduates to apply computer engineering knowledge and techniques to solve a broad spectrum of engineering problems while conducting research in the design and analysis of computer hardware and software systems; digital and electronics systems; and wireless communication systems.

Computer engineering Ph.D. students work on interdisciplinary and high-impact projects in a collegial and productive environment alongside our dedicated faculty. The program is rigorous and the curriculum innovative. Our faculty take the ambitions of all students seriously and work to promote their success.

The Stevens Advantage

For computer engineering professionals who want to play a leadership role, Stevens’ location provides ample opportunities for networking in the technology/telecom and defense industries, in business consulting and finance, as well as in government. Computer engineering Ph.D. graduates go on to positions as senior engineers of computer systems, software systems and network security, as well as research fellows in academia.