Computer science students can participate in an honors program.

Students in this program receive an education that is enriched in several ways:

  • In term 4, students take CS 370, Creative Problem Solving and Team Programming, a fun new course that extends the coverage of algorithms and programming begun in earlier algorithms courses such as CS 385 or CS 182. The course emphasizes the use of creativity to invent algorithmic solutions to challenging problems, and helps prepare interested students to participate in national competitions such as the ACM Inter Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC).
  • In the summer following the sophomore year, the department helps to arrange an internship, either on campus as part of a research project or with a suitable off campus employer.
  • In the junior year, students work closely with a Computer Science faculty member on an independent study project.
  • In the senior year, students complete a senior thesis that may extend the independent work done as a junior.
  • Students who apply for and are admitted into the Stevens Computer Science Ph.D. program are eligible to receive full or partial exemption from the doctoral qualifying exam, depending on their performance in certain undergraduate courses. Such exemption will help speed progress through the doctoral program, as will prior research experience provided by the honors program.

A select few students are invited into the program over the summer between the freshman and sophomore years. The typical invitee is a student who is excellent all around, outstanding in freshman Computer Science courses, and exhibits a lively curiosity and deep interest in the intellectual content of the field.

Upon graduation, students who complete this augmented curriculum will receive the notation "with thesis" on their BS diploma and transcript.

The demonstrated ability to work independently outside the classroom on open-ended challenges will be a boon in seeking employment and/or entry to graduate school, and guidance and recommendations from your faculty mentor(s) will help with placement into employment or graduate school.

This program is different from and not in conflict with the Stevens Scholars program. Honors students who are also Scholars retain all the benefits of that program such as summer study, honors seminars, and 4-year combined BS/MS. The honors CS curriculum leads to a 4-year BS degree and does not require any overload. Because of the need for concentrated, research-focused study, students in the honors cannot also be in co-op.

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