Information technology is an exciting and rapidly-evolving field, and an undergraduate major in the discipline offers a tremendous opportunity to obtain the skill set that will provide value over the course of a career. Given that the state of the technology is changing so fast, those in the field must be prepared to constantly advance their knowledge in order to stay current, and the most vital ability fostered in the undergraduate Computer Science curriculum is therefore the capacity and abiding desire to learn more.

Computer science is highly valued as a discipline because, at its core, it teaches fundamental problem-solving skills. It is no accident that some of the most successful U.S. companies of the last half century were established by computer scientists. The Computer Science Department prides itself on programs that combine the rigorous development of problem-solving skills with basic business skills. The latter are learned through project-oriented courses that sometimes involve real companies acting as clients for student projects.

Undergraduate Degrees 

The Computer Science department offers two undergraduate degrees: Computer Science and Cybersecurity. Some students also pursue graduate certificates and/or graduate degrees while enrolled in the undergraduate program. Anyone can pursue a graduate certificate; however, there are entrance requirements for students who want to complete the graduate degree while an undergraduate.

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Jason Corso Professor, Director of SIAI, and Viola Ward Brinning and Elbert Calhoun Brinning Endowed Chair
Dawn Forino Garcia Executive Administrative Assistant
Jannine Cucchiara Academic Advisor, Graduate
Jennifer Lebron Academic Advisor, Undergraduate