Media and Broadcast Engineering Master's Degree Curriculum Overview

Degree Requirements

  • Completion of at least thirty credits at the graduate level (500 level and above), with a minimum grade of C and a minimum GPA of 3.00.
  • Three core courses that are mandatory in all tracks.
  • Three courses from a chosen track.
  • Two technical electives from any track.
  • Two general electives that can be any Stevens course at the 500 level or above, including a relevant M.S. thesis in one of the program’s home departments.

Track I: Signal Processing and Data Communication

Track courses:

  • CPE 645 Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • CPE 548 Digital Signal Processing
  • CPE 591 Introduction to Multimedia Networking
  • EE 585 Physical Design of Wireless Systems
  • EE 626 Optical Communication Systems
  • EE 670 Information Theory and Coding

Elective courses:

  • CS 537 Interactive Computer Graphics
  • CS 558 Computer Vision

Track II: Software Infrastructure for Media and Broadcast Engineering

Track courses:

  • CS 522 Mobile Systems and Applications
  • CS 524 Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • CS 526 Enterprise and Cloud Computing
  • CS 546 Web Programming
  • CS 548 Enterprise Software Architecture & Design
  • CS 554 Web Programming II

Elective courses:

  • CS 520 Introduction to Operating Systems
  • CS 561 Database Management Systems I
  • CS 570 Introduction to Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms
  • CS 590 Algorithms
  • CS 600 Advanced Algorithm Design and Implementation
  • CS 615 Systems Administration

If you have existing graduate credits or experience in this area of study, contact [email protected] to discuss opportunities to include it in the curriculum.