Learn skills in emerging technologies in Stevens' media and broadcast engineering master's program.

Media and broadcast engineering lies at the intersection of audio/video processing, networking, software design and complex system integration. The media and broadcast engineering master's program builds a comprehensive foundation in all aspects of media production, delivery and management, and prepares you for careers in media and broadcast engineering, network management and development, streaming media development and project management for broadcast networks.

The media and broadcast engineering program also provides the opportunity for current professionals to enhance their skillsets and learn media engineering in emerging media publishing channels such as the Internet and mobile applications.

The Stevens Advantage

The Stevens campus is located just 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan, the heart of America's national media industry, providing a convenient location for those who are currently employed and looking to excel in their careers. The city-adjacent location also enables entry-level graduates to find a multitude of local internship, job, and networking opportunities.