The computer science Ph.D. program gives Ph.D. candidates a real opportunity to impact the future of Computer Science. 

Our federally funded research programs are currently growing at a rapid pace, preparing Ph.D. students for research careers in academia and industry. 

Why Stevens? 

  • Top-notch research. Our faculty is recognized for their research in various research areas of computer science.
  • Accessible faculty. Unlike larger institutions, students work closely with their advisor on a daily basis.
  • Financial support. Ph.D. students are fully funded, including tuition and a generous stipend, through federally funded programs, teaching assistantships, and fellowships.
  • Location. Located in Hoboken, New Jersey, Stevens is on the Hudson River across from midtown Manhattan, just a stone's throw away from New York City and Manhattan. Our location offers excellent opportunities for collaborations, which can turn to job offers upon graduation, with nearby universities such as NYU, Princeton, Columbia, and Rutgers/DIMACS as well as major industrial research laboratories such as Bell Labs, AT&T Labs, NEC Labs, IBM Research, and Google New York.