Ocean, coastal, naval and marine engineers concentrate on problems associated with our use of oceans and coastal areas such as maritime transport, energy generation, fisheries, recreation and waste management.

Ocean Engineering at Stevens

Dr. Philip Oorton and Mohammad Jamous; Ph.D. student
Dr. Philip Orton and Mohammad Jamous, Ph.D. student, kayaking on the Hudson.

Ocean Engineering at Stevens offers comprehensive education related to design and evaluation of marine systems (ships, underwater vehicles, wave energy converters, etc.) and development, maintenance and protection of coastal areas (sustainable use of ocean resources, impact of climate change and sea level rise, and prediction and recovery from coastal flooding). According to Bankrate.com, naval architecture and marine engineering was identified in 2019 as the most valuable among 162 college majors.

What Students Are Saying


Civil, environmental and ocean engineering department graduates with naval engineering and ocean engineering degrees are hired by some of the world's top firms and government agencies.