Work alongside distinguished faculty in an internationally recognized environmental engineering program known for its research in water treatment.

The environmental engineering Ph.D. program at Stevens engages students in the pursuit of research at the forefront of the field with faculty experts in water and wastewater treatment, arsenic and heavy metals, environmental remediation, physicochemical processes and more.

In this program, Ph.D. students and researchers collaborate with international organizations and contribute to the development of solutions to global issues such as the fate, transport, and treatment of arsenic and heavy metals in water and solids, the environmental compatibility and effect of consumer products, and the development of environmentally sustainable and cost-effective technologies utilizing natural products, recycled wastes, plants and microbes.

The environmental engineering program maintains state-of-the-art laboratories and has a vibrant sponsored research program in environmental science and technology. Ph.D. students in the program have the opportunity to publish papers in peer-reviewed journals, carry out research in well-funded, well-equipped analytical and process laboratories and participate significantly in research around water treatment and the conversion of wastes into biofuel.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens’ location is advantageous for the study of environmental engineering. The state of New Jersey is noted for its many environmental firms and remediation activities, which lead to learning opportunities and potential job possibilities for our Ph.D. candidates.

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