Mega projects. Mega potential.

Develop business acumen and prepare to lead mega projects around the world in the construction management master’s program at Stevens Institute of Technology. Stevens prepares you to lead the largest projects using the latest knowledge, skills and technology. With our special focus on mega projects, you’ll graduate with a degree that positions you for an executive-track career within a major construction corporation.

The demand for professionals in this field outstrips the number of qualified graduates and construction spending is growing around the globe. With specialized knowledge and mega project experience, the construction management master’s program at Stevens will give you a career path with mega potential.

The Stevens Advantage

Our location, just 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan, puts you at the center of the action, helps you build connections with industry giants, allows you to gain work experience through our co-op program, visit the Shanghai Tower, and work with faculty experts from the World Trade Center, Hudson Yards and the Olympics. Think you don’t have time in your schedule? All of our courses offer evening hours and are also fully available online.

What Students Say