From wastewater treatment to emerging construction materials, multi-scale modeling to probabilistic mechanics, the civil engineering Ph.D. program at Stevens is excellent preparation for a rewarding career in a field burgeoning with opportunity.

The civil engineering Ph.D. program emphasizes interdisciplinary research with concentrations in structural engineering, construction materials and geotechnical engineering, allowing Ph.D. students to develop a strong scholarly identity. Our Ph.D. candidates pursue their studies in a wide selection of testbeds and laboratories, collaborating with renowned faculty — experts in bridges, structural mechanics, probabilistic modeling, stochastic processes and more — and award-winning investigators.

Ph.D. candidates and faculty work together to make breakthroughs in many areas of civil engineering including construction management; smart structural systems and advanced construction materials for sustainable and resilient infrastructure; and structural engineering with a focus on hazard mitigation, infrastructure rehabilitation, computational mechanics, solid and structural mechanics, structural dynamics and probabilistic modeling.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens’ proximity to New York City opens the door to tremendous career possibilities not available at other universities. It is not uncommon for our Ph.D. students to receive offers before graduation, as they are sought after to work on innovative structural designs and to put new technologies to use.

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