Take a deep dive into research, industry problems and innovative solutions in the architecture, engineering and construction Industry.

The built environment Ph.D. program explores the guiding theories behind this popular field through a multi-faceted educational and research experience. In this program, students will learn to lead a more in-depth investigation into the built environment through the multi-disciplinary realm of architecture, engineering, and construction, drawing from the expertise of numerous industry professionals allied with the program.

The program provides students with a common core of robust, state-of-the-art, integrated built environment knowledge, while allowing each student to specialize in specific areas of interest and emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach within a broad-based research agenda. Each student is able to draw from the university’s body of research and the latest intellectual and social trends to pursue quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods research.

This unique Ph.D. program prepares students for jobs as research scholars, university-level faculty, and executive professionals. Part- and full-time students will gain valuable perspectives and higher education teaching skills by working with teaching faculty, research faculty and experts from the World Trade Center and Hudson Yards who have a passion for creating new knowledge.

Graduates can be employed in built environment higher education, fundamental and applied research enterprises, private built environment research labs, and high-level executive positions in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens New York City adjacent location puts students in immediate proximity to industry positions where built environment expertise is needed, such as building information modeling, or where research skills are useful, such as the collection, dissemination, integration, and implementation of new research findings to increase an organization’s competitive advantage.