L. Fernando Pareja-Roman

Dr. Pareja-Roman is an Environmental Engineer with backgrounds in Marine Meteorology and Physical Oceanography. His research at Davidson Laboratory focuses on the impact of coastal infrastructure projects on the dynamics of harbors, estuaries, and the continental shelf. Some of his recent work considers the impact of historical dredging and wetland reclamation on tidal elevation, salt intrusion, and sediment transport in urbanized estuaries such as Delaware Bay, Newark Bay, Jamaica Bay, and Boston Harbor. His work combines high-resolution numerical modeling, data archaeology, historical research, and theoretical oceanography.

Virinder Sidhu

With an educational background in agriculture (BS), soil science (MS), and Environmental Science (Ph.D.), Dr. Sidhu is presently working to remediate lead (Pb) from urban soils with elevated Pb levels by using plants as a phytoremediation tool.

Shujuan Zhang

Dr. Zhang is working on the development of novel nanomaterials using the electrospinning technique for the removal of inorganic and organic contaminants in water. Her focus is on fabricating effective electrospun nanofibers, applying them to treatment of toxic heavy metals in drinking water, and investigating the fundamental removal mechanisms on the solid/liquid interfaces using advanced spectroscopic techniques.