Leading companies are discovering that what's good for the environment is also good for business–and the demand for qualified environmental engineers and sustainability professionals is growing at a rapid pace. A degree from Stevens in the area of environmental engineering or sustainability management prepares you to meet this need head-on.

Environmental Engineering and Sustainability at Stevens

At Stevens, sustainability is more than just a catchword: it's a commitment. From winning national awards for student design in energy efficient housing, to incubating high-tech water and solar start-ups, to generating new knowledge for environmental policy and resource management, we live by the belief that what we do every day can positively impact people and the world around us.

Sustainability and environmental engineering are key interdisciplinary research areas at Stevens and of critical importance to the future of the planet. The Stevens campus itself is a fertile proving ground for devising and testing innovations in sustainability, including green infrastructure research initiatives that promote long-term community resilience by managing stormwater runoff.

Stevens' Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering department offers a Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering and Ph.D. programs in environmental engineering, as well as a Master of Science in sustainability management.

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