Chemical Biology at Stevens

Inaugurated in 1978, the Stevens chemical biology program was the first undergraduate program of its kind. Our program features the study of cell and molecular biology, molecular genetics, physiology, biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, organic and physical chemistry and instrumental analysis. Fields within chemical biology include pharmacology, toxicology, drug synthesis and proteomics.

Chemical biology focuses on those disciplines of modern biological science that employ chemical knowledge, chemical instrumentation, and the quantitative rigor of chemistry to illuminate biological phenomena. It is an exciting field at the very core of biotechnology and the foundation of modern medicine.

Chemical biologists are the physicians, dentists, and veterinarians of tomorrow. They also study disease and develop drugs to help people live longer, healthier lives.

Today’s chemical biology laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instrumentation to stimulate muscle tissue and measure action potentials; to determine the size, shape and electrical charge of protein molecules; and to follow reactions within the cell. Chemical biologists can study biological phenomena under controlled conditions to explore the mechanisms governing growth, differentiation, behavior, evolution and aging.

ACS Certified

The chemical biology program is certified in chemistry by the American Chemical Society (ACS) if CH 412 Inorganic Chemistry is chosen as the General Elective in Term VII.

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