The biology program at Stevens offers students the opportunity to delve broadly and deeply into the science of living systems while maintaining the solid foundation in chemical and physical sciences necessary for innovative research and development in the health sciences.

Compared to many undergraduate biology programs, the Stevens biology major retains a distinctive institutional focus on quantitative skills by incorporating rigorous mathematics and physical science training. This approach ensures a high degree of comfort with the molecular underpinnings of biological phenomena and well positions our graduates for careers in research and industry that increasingly value these skills.

The B.S. in biology shares course requirements with the chemistry, chemical biology, physics, and mathematics programs through the second semester at Stevens, enabling students to transfer seamlessly among natural science programs during freshman year. Biology and chemical biology continue to share requirements through the third semester, then diverge. The biology program requires four chemistry courses beyond organic chemistry (compared to eight for chemical biology), allowing greater focus on biology courses such as developmental biology, neuroscience, anatomy and physiology, immunology, microbiology, evolution and ecology.

Career Options in Biology

The biology major provides ideal preparation for graduate, medical, dental, veterinary, physician’s assistant, or physical therapy programs.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students