The biology bachelor’s program develops in-demand knowledge and skills to put you on track for career success, whether it's graduate, medical, dental, veterinary, physician’s assistant, or physical therapy programs.

Employers in the STEM field are looking for innovators and critically-thinking problem solvers. The biology bachelor’s program encourages students to develop these skills both academically and pragmatically in the classrooms and in the laboratories.

The program delves broadly and deeply into the science of living systems while maintaining the solid foundation in chemical and physical sciences necessary for innovative research and development in the health sciences. Students may have the opportunity to do original research with Stevens faculty in modern cancer research, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, and antimicrobial research.

Compared to many undergraduate biology programs, the Stevens biology bachelor’s program retains a distinctive institutional focus on quantitative skills by incorporating rigorous mathematics and physical science training. This approach ensures a high degree of comfort with the molecular underpinnings of biological phenomena and well positions our graduates for careers in research and industry that increasingly value these skills.

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